Benefits For Clients

Reducing Initial Investment Costs and Risks
The purpose of our services is to save clients from the hassle of dealing with problems in the supply chain process so that the they can focus more on their main businesses in the brand development or sales division. We also help provide solutions to our clients’ concerns with the amount of investment needed in logistics, land, warehouses, refrigeration technologies and transportation fleets. Because we have already provided most of these facilities, clients can conveniently save on their expenses.
In addition, our professional management and handling expertise will assist in reducing the risks of loss or damage to our client’s products. Especially for groceries, damaging the quality of the product would be very risky to the reputation of the brand as it can jeopardize the next sales effort.

Migration Process Support System
In the process of formation or changes in the design of the supply chain management, the company and its team need to change old patterns that are less efficient, leading to a new and better system. That change cannot just be done on paper, it needs to be also implemented in the overall commitment of our personnel, from the management level to the field team. A great effort is often required due to the possibilities of resistance for change.
With these considerations, Kiat Ananda is ready to assist clients in the process of migrating their supply chain system. We conduct intensive communications on the field in order to plan and relay the changes of the supply chain. Mapping is done by analyzing the situation to accommodate existing conditions. Collaborative input can also be formulated to arrive at the best solution for issues, so that changes to the system are expected to occur smoothly, without disrupting the ongoing business processes.
As part of our integrated cold supply chain management services, we have acquired supporting facilities such as modern, refrigerated warehouses and a reliable delivery fleet.

Cold Storage
Our cold storage is located on Jl. Raya Narogong, Bekasi. standing in an area of 3 ha, and a building area of 1.6 ha. It is supported with a modern cooling technology system with many layers of doors, enabling it to maintain a stable temperature at -15 ° C to – 18oC. It also has more than 15 gates to speed up the loading and unloading process.

To ensure temperature stability, our cold storage is equipped with technology that can monitor and report the level of temperature every minute. Our warehouse management system also complies with the regulation of ISO (International Organization for Standardization) and HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points), which is manifested in the use of food-grade panels, plastic pallets and pest control services, all for a sanitary storage environment.

In order to maintain the security of stored products, we use CCTV cameras that are monitored by the security team on standby for 24 hours straight.

Large warehouse capacity is also one of our advantages. Our cold storage can accommodate up to 30,000 pallets or the equivalent of 30,000 tons. With a commitment to advance and grow with the client, we are ready to expand the area of our warehouses as the need arises.

Warehouse Management System
In addition to the physical warehouse, a reliable software is also very necessary for an efficient management system. We invested a big amount of money for the procurement of the best logistics software system, along with a computerized warehouse racking system. A warehouse system with good software ensures the smooth flow of products inside and outside because it is automatically managed by the FEFO (First Expired First Out) and FIFO (First In First Out) system. It also includes processes to facilitate the fast search and retrieval of goods to lessen the contamination levels from human contact, as well as to reduce the numbers of human error.
The scales that we use have also been upgraded with a computerized system that will calculate and input the product weight into the database automatically. So aside from accuracy, it will also help reduce the risk of losing goods due to manual input errors, whether done intentionally or not.

Strict Product Selection
In order to maintain the quality of our service to existing clients, we limit the types of products that we accept, such as those that could contaminate other goods with its scent. We always try to guarantee the quality of our consumer products, ensuring that they are always in top shape.
Reefer Truck units
To support the delivery process of the supply chain whether it is from upstream to downstream or from the supplier to the retailer, Kiat Ananda has a fleet of over 200 trucks all equipped with a cooling system. They are manned by an experienced steering crew with specialized capabilities in handling frozen food products that need extra care.