Services Specification

As an integrated provider of cold supply chain management solutions, Kiat Ananda provides comprehensive services with the following specifications:

Integrated, effective and efficient cold supply chain system design from the supplier to the retailer
We assist clients in designing cold supply chain management systems, especially for food products that require cold storage which are generally very sensitive to handle.
We begin by planning on how to import the supplier’s raw materials (which in this case is the vendor of our client), the procedures for handling shipments from the supplier to our client, the calculation needed for cold storage space, and an efficient distribution system from our client to their distributors or retailers.

Raw Material Importing Services
One of the early processes of the supply chain is the entry of raw materials from the manufacturer to the supplier (our client’s vendor), then to our client’s warehouse. For food products, it is necessary to keep proper handling in order to avoid damage. Kiat Ananda provides special handling services along with the importation of goods, including obtaining permission of the API (Importer Identification Number) to the delivery of goods to the supplier.

Delivery of Goods from the Supplier to the Client’s storage
The delivery of goods from the supplier to the client is crucial as it requires proper and sensitive handling skills. We also facilitate the process of transporting the products in a proper manner, in order to maintain its quality and reduce the risk of damage.

Cold Warehouse Services and Logistics Management
Products that require cold storages are generally equipped with special technology to keep the temperature stable. To emphasize the freshness of food products, the product entry and exit arrangements should also be considered carefully. In line with this, we ensure clients get the best product handling services by providing modern cold storage facilities that are able to maintain a stable temperature of 15 ° C to 18 ° C, and is equipped with a temperature monitoring device that is able to monitor the temperature every minute. To further support this facilities, we also provide our warehouse with FEFO (First Expired First out) inventory management systems.

Product Distribution Service
For the smooth distribution of goods from the warehouse, we have provided hundreds of refrigerated delivery fleet units (Reefer Truck), which are ready to distribute the product to the retail level.

Our clients will get a complete solution for their cold supply chain management needs with effective and efficient supply chain management system. This is supported by our importation facility administrative proceedings, availability of cold storage, and a reliable delivery fleet.